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Kunst und Magie - Goa Store for trendy Hippie Fashion

Kunst und Magie, which means "Art & Magic", offers you enchanting and self-confident fashion as well as accessories of the special kind. This aspiring label for spiritual and Goa fashion with an outlet store in the heart of Bamberg as well as an online shop with increasing popularity in the scene, is not just directed at Hippies and Goafraggles but also at unique and self-confident individuals who want to emphasize their personal touch by an extravagant and extraordinary style. We are dedicated to constantly releasing new creative fashion and surprise you with inspiring ideas by Kunst und Magie for your everyday life. In order to ensure this, Our CEO travels to India, Nepal, Thailand and Bali on a regular basis. He cooperates with different local designers - under fair conditions of course - that's how the unique mix of fashion which defines Kunst & Magie is created!
At the same time we can control and ensure the high quality of our products and the good manufacturing conditions on site. Aside from our Psy-, Goa- & Hippie fashion you will also find selected incenses, sculptures, fine jewelry, a wide range of purses, bags and backpacks as well as other interesting items. A balanced price-performance ratio, great products and fast delivery are a given in our Goa Store. Browsing through our shop is worth it - let yourself be mesmerized by the magic of our extraordinary selection. There you'll find our absolute top selling items: Harem Pants Sarouel Pants Fleece Jackets with Elfin hoods  and a wide selection of Aladdin Pants or Hippie Clothing in a 70s Retro Look. You have questions? Get in touch with us! We look forward to your visit here in our online store as well as our store in the heart of Bamberg! Your Kunst & Magie Team